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Full Q&A with the League of Women Voters + the Debate!

A message straight from Dan: 

The League of Women Voters generously hosted a debate for CAWCD candidates on Saturday, October 15th - eight of the fourteen candidates showed for the debate and I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch it here, you will learn a lot about who is running, our comparative qualifications and the ideas we'll bring to the board:
click for the debate here

In addition you can find the full Q&A with the League of Women Voters and the Vote411 site here but the navigation is a bit odd and doesn't allow easy toggling between English and Spanish editions - to aid with that answers are republished in both languages here. 

En español

Para respuestas completas haga clic aquí

LWV QandA Spanish.png

In English

LWV QandA English.png
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