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When "if" is a Number
Three Proposed Water Supply Solution Strategies for Arizona
Compared Using One Image

At 895 is Zero we say:
Drip First
Desal Last

On the image's left we provide costs of 3 proposed  water supply solution strategies:

                           1) Desalination

                          2) A new canal 

                          3) Drip irrigation

                 On the right we provide yields 

We find a gallon-to-dollar ratio (yield-to-cost) about like this:

Desalination: 12.2 gallons to the dollar

New Canal: 0 to ? gallons to the dollar

Drip Irrigation: 1700 gallons to the dollar


Admittedly it may be unfair of us here at 895isZero to display -zero- yield for a new canal - but we see this as a conversation starter, here's why:

1. No one really knows how much water can come from a 1500 mile canal to the Mississippi River

2. Even if we completely committed to this option - its yield genuinely will be -zero- for 10 to 30 years of construction - no one even pretends anything else

3. It is by nature so risky that after 25 years of construction, it could still be stopped in litigation

4. Even if, as advertised, it's yield is 250,000 gallons per second when complete, and if completed - the "if" part may be the most material number of all.

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StrategyCompare v2.png

We can't resist sneaking in another...

Yield versus Cost.png
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