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Daniel Cirignani Wood

Drought is a water-supply problem

Reversing it requires supply professionals

Don't settle for anything less

Find additional campaign-related information about Dan at any of these sites:

  • League of Women Voters CAWCD Debate: here

  • Ballotpedia: here

  • Arizona Municipal Water Users Association: here

  • League of Women Voters Vote411 Guide: here

Vote for a board member who can go toe-to-toe with the experts and bureaucrats CAWCD is expected to manage - who will make sure you know what your money is doing and that it is best spent to secure long-term, viable water resources for our lives in Arizona, our commerce and industry.

Here is some of the experience Dan will bring to the board:

  • Supply Chain Management Business Analyst
    Intel Corporation - 16 Years

  • Supply Chain Management Business Analyst
    Integrating Altera - 2+ Years

  • More than 20 Supply Chain Solution Deliveries

  • Lecturer
    W.P. Carey School of Business 
    Arizona State University - 2+ Years

  • Author:
    Applications and Modeling for Supply Chain Management
    J.P. Wiley and Sons (2007)
    Written with the assistance of SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA


Principal Solution Architect

Phoenix-based Battery Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

Dan is a valley-native, with stints living in Oregon and working at times in Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and Malaysia - he is a single parent with two sons. 

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