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2+ Facts

The first two are essential so that we
even talk about the right thing - this is bigger than lawns and golf courses

The rest are what everyone needs to know
if we hope to get out of the drought

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Fact 1: "Dead Pool"

895 "elevation feet" is the level below which Hoover Dam cannot supply water to the Colorado River south of the dam, the source of 40% of Phoenix and Central Arizona's water.

Fact 2

74% of Arizona Water Use is Agricultural*

Only 26% of Arizona's water use is urban, commercial and residential. 

The majority of Arizona's water use, more than 70% - is agricultural.

While urban communities: can, will and should do more to curb water waste and increase water yield, 

... the only way to correctly understand Arizona's water problem is as an agricultural water supply problem

Broken down tabularly:

All water consumption:        7,100,000 acre feet

                                                2.3 trillion gallons

Agricultural consumption:   5.25 million acre feet

                                                 1.7 trillion gallons

All non-agricultural use:      1.36 million acre feet

                                                 603 billion gallons

While urban communities cannot, by themselves, solve an agricultural problem, there is much they can do to help. Keep reading to learn how.

*Arizona Department of Water Resources

Harvesting Crop Field
Government Building

Fact 3

Arizona Must Reduce Water Consumption 25%
(probably more)

The federal government mandates it* because if we don't Lake Mead will hit "Dead Pool" and Phoenix as well as Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties will lose 40% of their water

To reverse the crisis at Lakes Mead and Powell, the federal government is directing states supplied by the Colorado River to reduce their consumption by 25%.

More specifically: Arizona and surrounding states must reduce water use by 650 billion to 1.3 trillion gallons per year. 

*"New water cuts coming for Southwest as Colorado River falls into Tier 2 shortage", CNN, 16-August-2022

Fact 4

We Can Do It!

At Lower Cost than You've been Told

Because Israel Has Demonstrated

Just Exactly How

Click here to lean how Israel set the example for how desert communities like Arizona can reverse a drought, and prosper!

For a longer (8-minute) treatment on the Israel success story watch this video - skip to 4:13 for the most important part

(Psst! : it's not desalination!)

Click here for a slow-walk through
the plan to
a) save hundreds of billions of gallons of water and
b) recover hundreds of billions more

A plan that will get Arizona and the desert southwest to the other side of this drought

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