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"Dead Pool"
895 feet is Zero

Israel is water smart, Arizona can be too

Watch the video and find out how - here

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You have 5 votes - only 8 of 14 showed to debate!

Cost Compare Water Supply Solution Proposals

Desalination12.2      gallons*    ::  1 dollar

New Canal:     (to ?) gallons*    ::  1 dollar

Drip Irrigation: 1700     gallons*   ::  1 dollar

*Annualized yield versus cost of initial delivery

Irrigation System

Every Arizonan needs to understand about water

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Dead Pool

In Arizona:
895 is Zero



The Whole Campaign in One Page

Using Water Savings to

Create Supply at

Lowest Possible Cost

Click here to learn how Arizona can claw back hundreds of million gallons annually for the southwest

Work Desk


leading supply problem calls for an

experienced supply professional

Promote the Campaign

The most powerful thing you can do to support this campaign and put professionals on the CAWCD board is like, subscribe and share social media posts - get the message out there and let other know you endorse safe, low-cost, high-yield solutions to make the best use of Arizona's scarce water resources.

Find opportunities to link here!

Speak! and Vote!

It will only matter if you vote!

CAWCD is a "down ballot" position - but our water is at stake - research the candidates - 5 will be elected to the board in this election!

After researching candidates - tell everyone you know to be sure to vote for CAWCD on the November ballot

Find the Campaign in the Media

Find Dan's answers to questions from the Arizona Municipal Water User's Association (AMWUA) on their Voter Guide with all candidates here and for just Dan's answers, here.


Find Dan's answers to questions from the League of Women Voters on their Voter Guide, Vote411, here. Vote-411 is structured in a format that's a little difficult to navigate so to make complete answers to the LWV questions easily accessible in both English and Spanish click here

Also find the CAWCD race featured in the Arizona Republic here

What is CAWCD?
What is the  
Central Arizona Water Conservation District?

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District is the board of directors of Central Arizona Project and it is responsible for the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District. 

CAP is the 336 mile canal from the Colorado River that supplies 40% of the Phoenix Valley's water and it works in conjunction with CAGRD to assure replenishment of Central Arizona's groundwater - the other primary source of water for the tri-county area affected: Maricopa, Pinal and Pima county. 


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